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  • Prinsesanibatman : Successful doctor and international dancer someday. <3
  • Ughwenz: Neurologist, Head Pathologist, and A BIG HAPPY FAMILY.<3
  • Ralpsalazar: Programmer, Digital Artist and Happy Life.
  • Jander : Mathematic Teacher.
  • wewtalaga: Astronomer or an Engineer, to have twins as my kids and to have a happy family :)

Ten years from now?

1) open google
2) search your first name, only your first name
3) take the first picture that comes up
4) upload it to tumblr
5) this is you in 10 years

Ohmaygas. Ang layo naman ng magiging itsura ko sa itsura ko ngayon. :D

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basorexia: an overwhelming desire to neck or kiss.
lygerastia: the condition of one who is only amorous when the lights are out.
brontide: the low rumbling of distant thunder.
dactylion: the tip of a middle finger.
nudiustertian: pertaining to the day before yesterday.
gargalesthesia: the sensation caused by tickling.
the smell of rain on dry ground.
worship of trees.
lethologica: the inability to recall a precise word for something.
psithurism: a whispering sound, i.e: the sound of wind in trees, or rustling leaves.
witzelsucht: a feeble attempt at humour.
epeolatry: worship of words.
woundy: excessively; extremely.
tacenda: things not to be mentioned.
naupathia: sea sickness.
baisemain: a kiss on the hand.

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true. :)

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For fun, let’s do a Reblog contest… Reblog this image before tomorrow 3pm EST and we’ll pick one random winner who will receive $100 gift certificate to spend any way any how in our CAMERAS department. Click-click + good luck!

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Ang tunay na lalaki rare mo nang makita.

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Lady Gaga by Adrian Valencia.

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